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ORBI Mini Router RBR40 connect to WiFiRanger Denali


ORBI Mini Router RBR40 connect to WiFiRanger Denali

Our RBR40 is in our RV.  In order to improve connection to many RV campground WiFi systems we added a WiFiRanger Denali.


We have not been able to configure these two routers such that the ORBI uses the Denali WiFi connection.


Can anyone advise how to accomplish our goal?

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Re: ORBI Mini Router RBR40 connect to WiFiRanger Denali

You might not be able to. 

If the wifi needs a login through a portal and not just through the wifi password, then the orbi won't work by itself. 

If you're going through a portal, you need a device that supports WISP mode. None of Netgears standard routers support that mode (other than a very old travel router not made anymore). 

Not sure what the Denali thing is but does it have a wisp mode? If so, you could potentially set it up in wisp mode and get it functioning. Once functioning, potentially you could connect the orbi to it with the orbi in AP mode. Again, a lot of that is potential as I'm not sure what that denali is

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Re: ORBI Mini Router RBR40 connect to WiFiRanger Denali

Thanks!  That explains why we have been unable to bridge the Denali to the Orbi.  The Denali is a Winegard WiFiRanger outdoor router, wireless only – no ethernet ports.  It provides “some” amplification of a RV park WiFi signal or a free unsecure WiFi Hotspot open to the public, making it easier to connect.  The router has a permanently affixed cable pair molded as a single cable - Ethernet cable and a dedicated power cable (not POE).  The Ethernet cable is intended to be connected to one of their proprietary indoor routers.  One of the LAN ports on their proprietary indoor routers is designated for the Denali Ethernet connection.

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