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ORBI RBK23 vs RBK53 - real coverage


ORBI RBK23 vs RBK53 - real coverage

Hello community, 


I was wondering if the more advanced model RBK53 (AC3000) is providing any better coverage in real life setup compared to RBK23 (AC2200). I am mostly concerned about coverage for 2.4 GHz as i am using Ring Cameras, which are 2.4 GHz.   


Physical dimensions of RBK53 are noticeably bigger compared to RBK23. That is certainly due to extra antennas to connect more clients. But would that provide bigger coverage?


Here is info from Netgear:  



- On the box:  up to 375 m2 

- On the site: up to 6000 square feet (https://www.netgear.com/home/wifi/mesh/rbk23)



- On the box: up to 525 m2 

- On the site: up to 7500 square feet (https://www.netgear.com/home/wifi/mesh/rbk53s) 


The numbers do not really tally when i use conversion and difference in % is not proportional.... 


Anyway, the promis from Netgear is that increase is from 25% to 40% (depending which numbers to trust - box vs. site). 


Whould anyone have upgraded from one to the other and noticed any improvement in coverage? 


Thank you! Smiley Happy 





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Re: ORBI RBK23 vs RBK53 - real coverage

The 50 series seems to have more power than the 20 seroes does. 

Also placement and distance of RBS from RBR is a factor and how many RBS are used. 



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