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Re: ORBI RBK53 Novice


ORBI RBK53 Novice

Have owned the RBK53 for several months and just started having issues after a power outage 7/14.


The issues comprise of all devices picking up the WIFI signal however only some of the devices can get on the internet. Throughout the day different devices drop and others add.


First I called Xfinity to check the status of the internet connection through the modem (Arris SB6183)  and everthing checked out fine after a power cycle, etc. I then performed a reset and a reboot for the ORBI and contuinued to have the same issues. I've also re-synced the satellites. I have the most current firmware available I've dealt with this issue for a week hoping it would clear up however now it's time to get a permanent solution.


Any additonal trouble shooting tips?


Any suggestions?



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Re: ORBI RBK53 Novice

https://community.netgear.com/t5/Orbi/Firmware-V1-12-0-18-Discussion/td-p/1320421 - check this thread if it sounds like you (dropping off / on of wifi after most recent Fw.  If so downgrade as per page 5 of the thread if you are able to.  I have RBK53 from costco and was affected.

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