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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

ORBI Router RBR50


ORBI Router RBR50

I have a 3 unit ORBI WIFI network withan Verizon LTE Tower connected to it for the internet by an Ethernet connection.  When I direct connect to the LTE, everything works fine. But when I connect to the internet through the ORBI, all pictures, example when I access my email, are closed down and just a small window box outline with an x in it is shown. When I try to access GOOGLE, I get a security signon screen. Any suggestions ass to a fix?

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Re: ORBI Router RBR50

What is the model # of the modem your using with the Orbi router? Does it have a built in router by chance? 

What IP address is the Orbi router getting from the ISP modem? 192.168.#.### or a ##.##.###.### address? 

What FW version is loaded on the Orbi router? 


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