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ORBI can't log in and mac address is different


ORBI can't log in and mac address is different

This just recently started: I have a ARRIS modem/router from my internet provider. IP address is The wi-fi is disabled. In the list of connected devices on my ARRIS  is my Orbi showing  it displays a different mac address of .......:07   The Orbi is working fine.

In the past I have been able to log into the Orbi using its ip address of  I understand the the Orbi log on (orbilogin.com/index.htm) looks for the standard address  which is the log in address for my ARRIS modem/router.

So my question is how can I log on and is there an issue with the difference in the mac address listed. Up until now I have had no difficulty logging into the Orbi.

I can log in to the Orbi from by cell phone using orbilogin.com - but not from by computer. In the Orbi Advanced display it indicates the "Internet Port has a mac address of ......:07. and an IP address of


Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: ORBI can't log in and mac address is different

Hello snowmantruckee


Have you looked if there is any type of bridge settings or modem only in the ARRIS modem so it does not have a conflict with routing with the orbi.



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Re: ORBI can't log in and mac address is different


The wi-fi setting for Arris has been turned off (for some time actually). To add to my confusion I can log into the  Orbi from my cell phone with no problem, but not from my computer. (I used to be able to without difficulty)

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Re: ORBI can't log in and mac address is different

Is your computer connecting wireless or wired? If Wired, is it wired into a port on the Orbi, or a port on the Arris?


It seems like your Arris gateway might still be acting like a router.  It can still act like a router and have its wifi off.  If you want the Arris device to be the router, then you should setup the Orbi in Access Point (AP) mode.  You should be able to use any LAN ethernet port on the Arris to connect to the Orbi in this scenario.


If you want the Orbi to be the router, then you should see if you can put the Arris in modem only mode, or what might be called bridge mode, basically turning off the routing functions in the Arris.  This might also dictate which specific LAN ethernet port you need to use to connect to the Orbi's WAN (yellow) port.  The Arris's other LAN ethernet ports might become useless in this scenario.  You might also be connecting to the Arris via a different IP address in this scenario than you are currently use to.

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Re: ORBI can't log in and mac address is different

Loomis (and all) Thank you so much for your advise. I was always hesitant to try using the Access Point. In any case I switched to Access Point. The ports on the back of Arriss modem/router still work, which was essential. I have one item, a signal booster hardwired to the cat5 on the back of the Orbi which may or may not be working. Have to determine if the 3 ports on the back of the Orbi still work or not. I can also log into the Orbi from my computer now.

It was a log week of electronic items in my house being taken over by the electron zombies. 

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