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ORBI setup


ORBI setup

Hello all.


I have an netgear AX 12 router,  and I just bought the ORBI RBK 752 with 1 satellite.  


I am unclear if I am settingi up my orbi correctly, and am looking for someone to critique my setup and offer recommendations if needed.


My AX 12 router is direclty connected to my ISP fiber ONT.  The AX 12 router is then also connected to hardwired ethernet ports throughout my house.


I plan on keeping my AX 12 router in place and functioning.


My question is how best to connect the ORBI to my existing AX12 router. My plan was to connect the ORBI as an AP.

What I have done so far: basically setup the ORBI by pluggin the ORBI router into one of my wired ethernet ports, and setup the ORIB via the ORBI app instructions.


My first question - once everything was running, I basically had my AX12 router wifi 2.4/5GHzbands still running, plus the ORBI Wifi.  I figure I just have to connect all household devices to the ORBI wifi network, and just ignore my AX 12  2.4/5GHz bands?


Should I disable the 2.4/5GHz bands on my AX 12 router?


Should I set the ORBI into AP mode?


I have read about bridge mode - is that an option here using the AX 12 and ORBI system? Is it beneficial?


Thank you !





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Re: ORBI setup

Questions about the Netgear "AX" products will probably get a more informed response when posted in those forums:



Most people would encourage you to disable the AX12 WiFi if possible (see the user guide).  All they do is compete with the Orbi WiFi channels.


Yes, most people would also put the Orbi in "acess point" (AP) mode, so as to avoid having two routers, which is called a "Double NAT' situation: https://kb.netgear.com/30186/What-is-Double-NAT 


Also, the Orbi is designed for the satellites to connect to the Orbi LAN ports.  You did not mention a "switch", but in general it is not a good idea to have the Orbi and satellites both connected to the AX12.  If all this equipment is located where those ethernet wires come together, then I would connect from the Orbi router to the individual ethernet runs, not to a switch that is also connected to the router.

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Re: ORBI setup

Thanks for the quick reply!


My orbi router is physically elsewhere in the house, connected to a wall ethernet port - this ethernet port connects to a LAN port on my AX 12 router.  


Doesnt the ORBI satellite communicate to the ORBI router via a backchannel? and thus doesnt need to be directly connected via LAN to the ORBI router?

My ORBI router is not connected to a switch. 






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Re: ORBI setup

Of course, you are correct. We get so many posts about ethernet backhal that I went off on a tangent. Sounds like you are set.
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