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I recently purchased an ORBI 57 router.  I have finally gotten it set up.  I am only using one of the two satellites that came with the system.  I had an awful time getting this thing set up using the app.  I went through all the steps and when it asked me to join a network, the options were Kutumb or add a network.  What is Kutumb?  There is no ORBI57 network to choose and the password on the bottom of the router is not the correct password.  Somehow, by some miracle, the network (Kutumb) began working and we were able to use our computers again.  However, I have a Fire Stick for one of our televisions.  It will not connect to the Kutumb network because I don't have a correct password for that network.  WTH?  Where did the name Kutumb come from?  It is never mentioned in the setup app.  What is the correct password?  If I can get that password and get the Fire Stick to connect, I will avoid a $100 charge from my ISP for coming out to my house to fix this issue.  Can anyone help me?  

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Re: ORBI57

The "orbi57" isn't a model but your ssid name. What actual model do you have? 

Sounds like you got a returned/refurbed product through if its ssid is different. 

Did you try factory resetting it? 

Have you tried logging in through the browser and not the app to manage it? 

If its a new product, you do have 90 days of free support (on new devices). 

To get a hold of support. Click on "MyNetgear" at the top.
Register an account (or login) and then the device.
From there you can start the support process. Keep in mind that its only free for the first 90 days.

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