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Old guy with limited computer skills.


Old guy with limited computer skills.

I've dropped cable tv and plan on using apple tv/ hulu/ and other streaming sources for our tv.  Have Century Link for wifi access with a download of only 10mgps, all they offer here, and wondering if buying a Orbi will be worth it.  2 person house with myself and wife watching 2 different shows at the same time.  House is 1900 sq. feet but my office is above my garage which is 70' from the router. Any help appreciated.  Thanks.

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Re: Old guy with limited computer skills.

Not sure what router you currently have but the bottleneck is more than likely your 10mbps connection. 

Orbi might have the capability to go much faster but it can't if all its getting is 10mbps. 

so you might have better coverage at the far reaches of your home, but it won't necessarily be faster. 

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Re: Old guy with limited computer skills.

Might run a ethernet cable from main router location to this office/garage area then install some forum of wireless AP here. Won't need a Orbi system persae however if you have something already, maybe just an addition of a wired connect to the garage area with a wired AP would be all thats needed. Something like a EX7700 or EX8000 or any kind of router that you can configure for AP mode will work as well. 

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