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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973




Looking at buying Orbi to replace an old Access Point. Looking at RBK50.

Have 2 questions:

First: Says it supports Guest users, my question does it support more than one SSID and hence they'd have different Passwords. Obviously I want to limit the access that the Guest User has vs the Access that I would have to the network. I noted that it says supports One SSID and also says it supports Guest user, this seems contradictory. 

Second question: If an Orbi is "connected" to another Orbi wirelessly can I then plug an ethernet cable into the second Orbi to connect a device to the network.

Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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Re: OrOOrbirbi

If you enable the guest network feature it will have a different SSID and its own security options from the primary wifi. It defaults to NETGEAR-Guest, no password required. I would enable one of the stronger authentication options personally unless it was just enabled for an occasion and then turned off.


You sure can plug a wired device into an ethernet port on a wired satellite. I do that to connect an older HP print server in a remote part of the house. Pretty cool feature really.

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Re: OrOOrbirbi

You can actually have 2 different guest networks, one for 2.4 and one for 5ghz.

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