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Re: Orbi 6to4 and 6rd IPv6 Issues


Orbi 6to4 and 6rd IPv6 Issues

Hi Guys,


I'm having a few interesting issues trying to configure either a 6to4 or 6rd IPv6 connection on my Orbi RBR40 router. The firmware version is V2.0.0.56.


When configuring a 6to4 or 6rd connection, I initially am able to establish a connection and my nework devices recieve IPv6 addresses and I am able to validate connectivity at http://ipv6-test.com/; However after a period I appear to loose connectivity; all devices still retain thier IPv6 addresses, they can ping and route to IPv6 internet hosts, however when trying to browse to a site there appears to be no IPv6 connectivity and http://ipv6-test.com/ shows that only IPv4 connectivity is able to be established.


The interesting thing is that if I disable and then re-enable the IPv6 connection on the router everything then works again, but only for a short time period.


Ive read that this is also an issue on other Netgear routers, that a beta firmware upgrade resolves.


Has anyone experienced this issue or can anyone offer any advice?




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Re: Orbi 6to4 and 6rd IPv6 Issues

I have a simialr issue with native dual-stack. This looks like it's a Netgear issue.

I am on native IPv6, but after 1-x days, none of my devices can route via IPv6 anymore, even though they retain the address. I need to refresh ("Apply" in the ipv6 pane on the Orbi to fix it - but it'll break again after a few days.

Netgear has the same bug in other routers...... 😞



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