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Orbi AC3000


Orbi AC3000

I am thinking of purchasing the Orbi AC3000.


We recently converted our garage to an office and our WiFi coverage doesn't extend to it. The garage is a separate building, situated just back from and alongside the house. I have tried using power adapters, one of them with a WiFi extender built-in, however even though this is placed in the house at the closest possible place to the garage, it still does not extend sufficient WiFi signal to the garage. There is some signal but it regularly drops out.


The Orbi looks like a good solution to the problem but I am reluctant to spend £300+ without being sure Orbi will work.


So, just wondering whether anyone can offer a view based on their own experience?

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Re: Orbi AC3000



what the shed walls and roof made from ? as if its tin you can forget orbi as well as anything else that doent have an antenna or external ap outside the shed on it roof facing the house



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Re: Orbi AC3000

Garage is made of single skin red brick with plasterboard inner walls. Insulation in between brick and plasterboard.
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Re: Orbi AC3000

if you struggle to get wifi to the shed now i think orbi will also struggle


think you would be better looking for an external wireles access point you can ue in bridge mode to get the ignal and then have a cheap ap in the hed connected to it

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Re: Orbi AC3000

The best solution for you(if possible) is probably going to be to run a wire. 


When you introduce WiFi to the outside lots of variables come into play.

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