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Orbi App, Genie App... What Gives?

Orbi App, Genie App... What Gives?

Hoping one of the volunteer beta testers has a few answers, but I'm increasingly frustrated by the mobile app situation with the Orbi.  The Orbi app itself is garbage;  There's no other real answer for it.  While it may help with setup, its basically useless beyond that.


The Netgear Genie app is a bit better, but it (still) incorrectly shows the Orbi as not supporting guest networks.  While on the Genie page it doesn't show the Orbi as one of the supported routers, the Orbi firmware sends you to the Netgear Genie page if you want to look at using Parental Controls.


So right now, for the Orbi, we have THREE apps:  The Orbi app itself, the Genie app, and orbilogin;  None of which provide a one-stop shop for its functionality.


Does anyone know if any of these apps are near a new update that will clear this up?

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Re: Orbi App, Genie App... What Gives?

Maybe a public lawsuit will resolve this.....Didn't meet promised deliverables!
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Re: Orbi App, Genie App... What Gives?

I don't know if I'm there yet, I just want NetGear to get act together on what is supposed to be a flagship product.

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Re: Orbi App, Genie App... What Gives?

They really don't seem interested in their software. It is hopelessly inept. In addition to the problems mentioned by the OP, id like a way to turn the network on and off on a schedule. At least I'd like that for my guest network. That way, I use the main network with a password only I know and my kids use the guest network. A simple schedule would be a simple way to shut down the kids (guest) network at night. 

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Re: Orbi App, Genie App... What Gives?

Orbi app is useless, hopefully additional features and refinement will be coming in near future right now looks like full focus of engineering is stability and testing Beta Firmware to prepare for next official Firmware release everyon is desperately and very patiently waiting.

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Re: Orbi App, Genie App... What Gives?

I agree It really is frustrating dealing with separate apps.  There's a Orbi setup app, there's an app called Genie but I can't turn on the guest network from the genie app keeps saying Orbi doesn't support it even though it does support guest networks. Then to use parental controls I have to use another app. Way too complicated. Just give us one app to do the things we want to do.

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