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Orbi Firmware Update


Re: Orbi Firmware Update

Yes v38 and v40 had the device naming issue. v1.8 may not be posted to the update servers however they posted it for manuall download and manuall installation. 

Glad the new FW works for you. 


@TeslaRMP wrote:

I didn't know about the new version because when I do the "check for update" it said "no new firmware version available." So then I manually downloaded and updated to the new firmware version  After updating, it took a couple tries renaming before it took, but it looks like this fixed the problem.  Before this update they would't change at all. Time will tell if the names change again. Thanks for letting me know about the new firmware version!

@FURRYe38 wrote:

Did you update your system to v2.5.1.8 yet? This seems to fix the device naming issue. I checked mine and it is working now. 

@TeslaRMP wrote:

Same problem! Not only do my device names not change, or if i can get them to change they revert back on their own later, but my Access Control keeps randomly blocking allowed devices even though they are listed in the Allowed Devices list. Netgear, please fix this! I literally did a factory reset several times and redid all my settings and port forwarding from scratch in an attempt to reset everything, but the problem keeps happening!!!!




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Re: Orbi Firmware Update

The FW does not solve the naming issues on RBR20. Still some will rename properly. Most devices will switch back in terms of names and icons.

Any advice ?

Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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