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Orbi LBR20 on Nomad Internet with AT&T SIM


Orbi LBR20 on Nomad Internet with AT&T SIM

Rural dweller here. Considering purchasing service from Nomad Internet (www.nomadinternet.com). I recently purchased the Orbi LBR20 LTE Router. Looking at Blue Plan (AT&T SIM). Has anyone had first hand expereince with this set-up? My concern is the issue I have heard about where a MEID mismatch causes frequent disconnections...


I am currently testing using my unlimited Verizon phone SIM and (as expected) I do get frequent disconnects as others have reported. Works well when connected. We have decent AT&T service available as well.



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Re: Orbi LBR20 on Nomad Internet with AT&T SIM

Hi blitzberlin, 


Welcome to NETGEAR Community!


We just want to check if you were able to setup the LBR20. 

Here's a reference Quick Start Guide


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