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Re: Orbi Logger: Hope this helps someone


Orbi Logger: Hope this helps someone

TLDR; I built a log scraper for my Orbi system, node.js code here: https://github.com/Dustinmj/orbi-logger


Hi, I've been visiting this forum a LOT recently as my Orbi (2 sattelite) system has been acting up on the latest firmware(s). I'm having much of the same grief that's posted across this forum. Random (constant) reboots, dropping connections, etc. I've tried every combination of settings I can, including suggestions on this portal.


It's extremely frustrating to me that I can't view logs since they're removed when the router reboots. Determined to find a pattern in this mess, I built a log scraper and viewer. This node app scrapes the Orbi's logs at a pre-set interval, and keeps them around... all of them. Also, it parses the logs and looks for initialization reports (reboots), which it places in a different log. All these logs are browseable and can be configured to be kept for however many days. This allows viewing of full log reports for each day, including reboot logs.


I'm running it on a raspi, and it's working great. It should be able to be run on any device that can run a node.js app.


My hopes is that some others will get this running so we can find some more patterns in these issues.


Source: https://github.com/Dustinmj/orbi-logger



Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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Re: Orbi Logger: Hope this helps someone

Agree the Orbi clearing its log on reboot is stupidest thing ever. I looked at your package but don't find the instructions to be clear.

Have node, npm ? What are those ? Any pointers on how to get them/set them up ?

Which OS is this for ? Presumably Linux variants.

Does github require an account to download source anonymously ?


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Re: Orbi Logger: Hope this helps someone

Hi Sorry,
You'll need node and npm ( node package manager ). There's some good instructions for setting these up online. You could must likely install this on a Windows box but i run everything on Linux so i won't be much help there.

To clone the repo you'll just need git, no github account required. You can find the clone URI on the main page of the repo on GitHub (green button).

To install you'll just run npm install from the directory you clone. Then npm start within that same directory will start the logging server for you. All configuration is in the .env file.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Orbi Logger: Hope this helps someone

Heya, I'm surprised I missed this earlier, but have my logger setup and running now...hopefully will find something to prevent the daily reboots!?


Currently have similar config with router+2 in mesh configuraion (distance consideration), and firmware


Any luck figuring out your issue?

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Re: Orbi Logger: Hope this helps someone

I actually gave up and bought another system... Rhymes with scroogle.

That said, I did notice a common denominator before the reboots after logging, but never got around to figuring out why.

I'm hoping what I was seeing was the Android/Home packet flood wake bug but haven't gone back to Orbi since I took it offline, so ??

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Re: Orbi Logger: Hope this helps someone

Dang, ya, I actually was ready to swap over, but I stream HDR and UHD movies through Orbi (saved me from re-wiring), and when I tried Google it didn't keep up...that 5MHz backhaul system is impressive on Orbi!!


Anyway, I'll keep digging...nothing so far, and about 10 reboots.

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Re: Orbi Logger: Hope this helps someone

Well, it appears the logger may have helped solve this issue!

I was noticing that reboots happened when devices would enter the wifi (i.e. arriving at home with 1 or more smartphones that joined), or something coming back online (i.e. computer).

Since the reboots have become more and more frequent over the last few months I started to think I may just be bumping into a traffic threshold and the orbi was simply timing out and rebooting to help solve the problem as it thought something else wasn't working.


Anyway, I'm on Comcast Business at 25Mbps (differs from Xfinity in that the 25Mbps is guarenteed, not just burstable), and found a tech to bump me to 100Mbps for a month to test...and it's been working for 10 days without a single issue!!


I have about 53 wifi devices consistently on my network (smart home, computers, smart phones, google home mini, rpi, open sprinkler, etc..), an orbi router rbr50k, and 2 satellites with devices that work on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.


I was affected by the Google Home Mini + Pixel packet flood issue, and recent reboots behaved similar, but everything including the Mini have worked without a problem for 10 days, so gonna call it solved for me!!  No more testing different MTU's, woohoo!

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