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Orbi Outdoor and cable modem compatibility


Orbi Outdoor and cable modem compatibility

Does anyone know if the Netgear Orbi Outdoor wifi range extender/booster is compatible with my Netgear CG3000-2STAUS cable modem supplied by Optus?

I have a seperate dwelling about 18 meters from the cable modem position but the signal is weak and intermittent there. I'd like to boost the signal with a wireless outdoor extender.

The Orbi Outdoor looks like the ideal device but I can't find any info on compatibility.

Thanks for any advice.

Model: CG3000-2STAUS (CG3000v2)|Cable Modem. Gateway
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Re: Orbi Outdoor and cable modem compatibility

Yes, the RBS50Y can be connected to a "non-Orbi" WiFi system.  See the installation guide here:



This satellite is clearly intended to be part of an Orbi system, but Netgear has no other outdoor rated WiFi units.  So, the RBS50Y has a switch so it can be "Orbi" or "non-Orbi".

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