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Orbi + Powerline on one mesh?


Orbi + Powerline on one mesh?

I plan to use a 2x Orbi system in my house; there is lots of roaming in the house so the mesh system allowing for devices to seamlessly pass between the two Orbi's will be a big bonus.


I live on a farm and we also have an area around the farm sheds not too far from the house where we'd like good WiFi coverage. There is a powerline between the hosue and the sheds so I can use a powerline connector, but we also get very bad WiFi coverage from the house AP's (sometimes) to the shed area, so the problem is that if I wander down to the shed with my phone, even though there's a good strong AP down there my phone remains connected to the house AP. So the question is: is there a way to extend an Orbi mesh through a powerline connector so I can have seamless handover in the shed area?

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Re: Orbi + Powerline on one mesh?

I think this would require Ethernet backhaul, which currently is missing from Orbi.


You would use the Powerline devices as a substitute for a long Ethernet cable in your walls.


Orbi satellites currently talk to each other and the router only via Wifi 5 GHz, so this isn't possible yet. Netgear has said they are working on this feature.


I would be interested in this too. Keep in mind powerline AV throughput is much less than advertised. I have some AV1200 devices and I'm lucky to get 100 Mbps in iperf out of them. Much slower than Orbi over Wifi (when it works) which gets 300-400 Mbps from the same machine. And powerline throughput will get worse with distance too, just like Wifi.


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