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Orbi RB50 Router and 3 Satellites Placement


Orbi RB50 Router and 3 Satellites Placement

So we have a 3 story home and a detached shop that is close to the house.  I previously had DSL wired to basement and Orbi router there.  Satellite 1 on main floor, Satellite 2 in attached garage and Satellite 3 in detached shop.  It worked fine.  I guess my thought process was that I daisy chained the satellites and they flowed sequentially as I went from router to detached shop.


I have just hooked up Starlink ad was thinking of putting Starlibk and Orbi Router in garage and then have Staellites set up in different directions from the Orbi router.  


Does that sound like it will work do do they need to be placed to flow in order from closest to furthest?


Thank you in advance.


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Re: Orbi RB50 Router and 3 Satellites Placement

Star topology is best. (satellite<====router=====>satellite)

You can do daisy chain as you are but the further away satellite is going to have increased latency and potentially slow speeds. 

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