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Orbi RBK53 latest Hardware Revision -01R30


Orbi RBK53 latest Hardware Revision -01R30

Yesterday I was at Costco looking to buy a new Orbi kit (RBK53) and noticed that there were boxes with different codes, like 100-21078-01R24100-21078-01R26100-21078-01R27 and 100-21078-01R30, is the R number the Hardware Release and I should buy the latest one? meaning the R30? Thanks

Model: RBK53| Orbi Router + 2 Satellites Orbi WiFi System
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Re: Orbi RBK53 latest Hardware Revision -01R30

That exact question was asked with respect to another NG router. The answer was generally unclear as to precisely what the number after the "R" signified but it was definitely not a different hardware version. Had there been a hardware revision, there would be something on the order of a "version 2" (or just "v2") on the packaging. Most likely, those numbers represent a certain batch.


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