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Orbi RBR50, RBS50 and RSB50Y placement


Orbi RBR50, RBS50 and RSB50Y placement

Netgear webGUI report bad connections between satellites and router. I am trying to understand the optimal physical placement of the products to maximize performance. Since the proucts are quite bulky, I bought wall mounts and put the router and the satellites far up on the wall, close to the roof. But now I thinking if that could be the problem? I am thinking about antenna design etc, will I get better result if I place the products lower on a table or similar? Any guidelines or tips regarding this? What is best practice?


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Re: Orbi RBR50, RBS50 and RSB50Y placement

Best practice? is what works. 

1. they need to be at least 30 ft apart. thats kind of key for the roaming/handoff setup. 

2. height does matter a little but what matters more is whats in the walls and whats obstructing the devices. sometimes higher might work as it clears objects in a room or hvac/materials in the walls. In others, lower might work better. I played with placement of mine for months before settling on a set arrangement that worked the best. 


again, play with them a bit. I can't tell you whats best other than to try placing them in different areas/heights to see what works best. And one area might have a "best" spot but your signficant other say "i'll hurt you if you put it there". 

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Re: Orbi RBR50, RBS50 and RSB50Y placement

Can you elaborate a little more on "they need to be at least 30 ft apart." ?

I have thick brick walls, therefore I have bought an additional satellite to enable line of sight between the Orbis (thinking that must be an advantage), but that also resulted in shorter distance then 30 ft, I would estimate 20 ft. I also have a satellite on another floor (open staircase) that also is about 20 ft. Do you think that could be a problem?

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Re: Orbi RBR50, RBS50 and RSB50Y placement



Yes, brick will be a factor can cause signal to not penetrate as well as thru wood or sheet rock. So yes you'll need to place the units closer to each other if this is the case. 

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