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Re: Orbi RBR50 problem starting


Orbi RBR50 problem starting

Have had ongoing issues with new Orbi RBR50 with firware upgrade. Helped by support, had to do a factory reset as part of this advice, then had to manually update firmware on Satellite and Router. Got to V1.9.1.12 and Satellite disappeared. Part of trying to get back did another Factory reset and now the Router will not boot, after long periods still have the flashing white light. Tried Netgear support and no-one seems to be available. Any advice on how I can get my week old Orbi RBR50 and 1 Satellite RBS50 to start working - very very dis-satisfied with my experience so far

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Orbi RBR50 problem starting

The upgrade process can be a little lengthy when you're on a device with significantly older firmware. If your powerlight is flashing, it usually means there's a problem with the bootup or firmware installation failed. you can try doing a tftp route to get it working again. 



in terms of upgrading firmware. You need to upgrade to the firmware and then you can upgrade to the most current firmware. make sure to update the satellites first and then update the route (once you get it working). Its worth going to Orbi route but its unfortunate you got a unit so out of date on firmware and then had issues with the updates. 

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