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Re: Orbi RBW30 satellite keeps dropping connection


Orbi RBW30 satellite keeps dropping connection


My Orbi Mesh wifi keeps dropping the connection to the satellite every 60-90 seconds. It reconnects 10 seconds later. It has been working fine for 5 months, and now suddenly is doing this continuously over the last 3 days. 

how do i fix it, because it is a horrible experience at the moment

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Re: Orbi RBW30 satellite keeps dropping connection

I saw similar issues after updating to I think that something is wrong in the Satellite software. I solved this as follows:
1. Power off the Satellite
2. Go to "Attached Devices" in the web GUI, and click on "Remove" or "Forget" device for the Satellite that you powered off.
3. Now power on the Satellite and then use a paper clip to factory reset it.
4. When the Satellite comes up press the Sync button on the Router and then on the Satellite to connect the Satellite to the Router

That's it, when the Satellite comes up things will continue working as they should! 🙂
Good luck
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Re: Orbi RBW30 satellite keeps dropping connection

Hi @matbisho


We’d greatly appreciate hearing your feedback letting us know if the information @ekhalil provided has helped resolve your issue or if you need further assistance.


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