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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Orbi Router RBR50


Orbi Router RBR50

I am constantly getting a 404 not found error and in some cases I am asked for my serial number.  How do I fix this



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Re: Orbi Router RBR50

When doing what? 


What FW version is currently loaded? 


Be sure to clear out all browser caches.

Try a different browser.


Wire connect a PC to the router and factory reset the router using the back push pin button. Hold it in for 15 seconds then let go. Power OFF the ISP modem for 30 seconds than back on. Wait for the WHITE led to slowly pulsate on top of the RBR, then log in to orbilogin.com using a web browser and walk thru the setup wizard. This time write down all important information for safe keeping later on.



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