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Re: Orbi Satellite Firmware update fail


Orbi Satellite Firmware update fail

When I go to the Firmware update page on my Orbi RBR50, it shows that the router is up-to-date.

The satellte RBS50 shows firmware and after awhile, shows update failed.

I tried manual update of the satellite, but when I click update from the manual page, it comes up with a login for the satellite.  I enter the same info as my router, but it says "Access to this resource is denied, your client has not supplied the correct authentication".

I have tried resyncing.  no effect.

I would appreciate any suggestions so I can get my satellite to the same FW version as the router.


Model: RBS50| Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi (Satellite Only)
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Re: Orbi Satellite Firmware update fail

You may have to roll back the firmware of the router to 2.0 and then update the satellite to 2.1 and then update the router to 2.1 always update the satellite first when doing updates.



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