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Re: Orbi Satellite issues out of nowhere

Orbi Satellite issues out of nowhere

I've had the Orbi RBR50 with RBS50 satellite for over a year and for the most part it has been working just fine except for the ongoing firmware issues. I upgraded to about 2 months ago to try and resolve disconnects with my Nest wireless cams. Everything has been working just fine since then, starting yesterday out of nowhere with no changes to anything my satellite is constantly dropping wifi connections and losing connectivitiy. My satellite an main router are only about 20 feet apart separated by a floor. I've tried re-starting both the main router and satellite and doing a factory reset on the satellite and the problem remains, constant (like every 10-15 min) drops on the satellite. If I connect to the main router the connection is just fine. What else should I try or check to resolve, I really don't want to upgrade to the latest beta software to see if that will fix it as it looks like there are issues with it. I also tried turning beamforming and MU-MIMO off as well. I'm about ready to scrap Orbi and go with another mesh system if this persists.

Model: RBS50| Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi (Satellite Only)
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Re: Orbi Satellite issues out of nowhere

Please try the 50 series Beta FW thats at the top of this forum. Dated 3/23/2018.


You should see much better results.


Please do a factory reset on both router and satellite after updating to the Beta, then set up from scratch.


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