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Re: Orbi Setup


Orbi Setup

I have Spectrum internet.  Currently, I have a cabinet in my laundry room behind the door.  In this cabinet is where all of my Cat6 cables go from all the ports around my house.  Also, the fiber cable comes in to this cabinet and goes into the modem and then into the ActionTec wireless router.  I want to have have the Orbi running and also all the Ethernet ports.

So, I am trying to figure out how to configure it all.

I bought an 8-port switch to connect the Cat6 wires.

So, do I need to have the cable from out of the modem and go into the router before I connect it to the Orbi?  On the router, I would turn off the wireless, so it is acting as a router only.  I don't want to put the Orbi in this cabinet as it is not as central to the rest of the house, though it is not unreasonably far from the center.  I would prefer to put the Orbi in the center of the house upstairs and then he satellite downstairs.

Can I have the wire from the modem go directly into the 8-port switch??  Then, I would plug the Orbi in to one of the ethernet wall jacks in the other room.  I have read that a router is needed for IP addresses, but not sure.

I know, this was a lot of reading.  In the end, I want to have the connection from fiber to modem to 8-port switch to activate all the hard-wired jacks in the house.  From one of these jacks would be the Orbi.



Any feedback is appreciated!!

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Re: Orbi Setup

Since your modem has a built in router, 

A few configurations when using this kind of modem:

1. Fully bridge the ISP Modem.

2. If the modem can't be bridged fully, input the IP address that the Orbi router gets from the ISP modem, in to the modems DMZ keeping the Orbi router in router mode.

3. Keep the modem in router mode and configure the Orbi router in AP mode.


ISP service>ISP modem>Orbi Rourter

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