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Orbi Speed stuck in 2.4g mode????


Orbi Speed stuck in 2.4g mode????


  Here my question, I have my Orbi for about a week seams to be working quite well overall, My house is a single floor 2400 sqft lot of rooms with walls. The orbit seems to cover it ok but am a little dissapointed about the speed I am getting throughout the system. Using the Netgear WiFi Analytics Home Testing on the Genie app every room I check is the same 100% signal and link rate runs between 390-433 Mbps also when I check the Wireless setting part of the app ranges the same 390-433 Mbps and does not change when I change from the 2.4g to the 5g the only change is the change number. Also when I use my speed tested app in each room the overall avg is 67.5 Mbps the highest I got was 71 Mbps. So I guess I'm asking is this normal what results are other getting etc Thanks

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Re: Orbi Speed stuck in 2.4g mode????

hi Tye8len9


first of your not stuck on 2.4 gig if your getting above 400M sync as 400M sync is the fastest 2.4 gig goes


and how are you actuall changing from 2.4 gig to 5 gig ?


what client device are you using to test the speed ?


here i get my full 100Mbps ( the full speed of my internet plan )  speeds anywhere in the house using my sony xpedia m4 aqua mobile phone when its connected to 5 gig and about 45Mbps when connected to 2.4 gig


im in a 4000 square home with lots of walls


so something you are doing is not right



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Re: Orbi Speed stuck in 2.4g mode????


 Thanks for the reply, when I refer to changing fror 2.4 to 5g it on the Netgear Genie app under Wieless settings you can see what your system is doing  signal strength, link rate, what channel the band is using etc either 2.4g of 5g .I'm using the speed test app and Fast .com and a couple other one to test the speed from my Samsung Galaxy j7 phone I guess I'll only going to get what my plan allows me.



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