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Re: Orbi VPN & Apple TV


Orbi VPN & Apple TV

Hello, I just purchased a orbi triband System with a satellite, I’m impressed by the performance however, I don’t think I like this openvpn stuff.

I am trying to use ipvanish or something similar on my router to connect all devices including my appletv (most importantly)

I would like to stay anonymous online and protect my privacy.

I’m still new to all of this but it seems doing so with the orbi is impossible unless I purchase a vpn router and connect it to the orbi.

If that’s my only option, any recommendations on which vpn router I should get?

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Re: Orbi VPN & Apple TV

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Re: Orbi VPN & Apple TV

Hi Mhamdan, 


OpenVPN on Orbi is a VPN service that allows you to access your home network securely through the Internet when you are away from home. With this, there is a need to load the OpenVPN configuration to the device (Computer and SmartPhone). 


As I understand, you want a VPN connection that will hide users' real IP address. We recommend posting your suggestion on our Idea Exchange board. Our Product Managers review the board for great ideas to be implemented in future releases. Link is https://community.netgear.com/t5/Idea-Exchange-For-Home/idb-p/idea-exchange-for-home


Community Team

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Re: Orbi VPN & Apple TV

What you’re looking for is VPN client functionality on your router which Orbi doesn’t support. Do a google search for any router that can run DD-WRT or Tomato firmware.
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Re: Orbi VPN & Apple TV

i use a r7000 running tomato firmware - they have an easy to use GUI interface that's easy to use (https://advancedtomato.com/) to flash the r7000 netgear which can be had for cheap (I got a refurbished amazon one).  I plug the r7000 into the orbi. 

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