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Orbi WiFi System


Orbi WiFi System

Hello, first i'm very interested in byuing ORBI WIFI system for my new house and i have a few question :

1. my new house is separated in two side by side and the wall separating the two parts is 1m large ! do you think i will receive wifi signal from one part to the other ?

the wall is made no of concrete because it's a hold house, so it maybe surely a stone wall

2. what is the wifi power of orbi in DB ? could it be dabgerous for health in long term ?


Thks in advance



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Re: Orbi WiFi System

Nobody can definitively tell you how well Wi-Fi will work in your house.  Having said that, Wi-Fi signals do not penetrate concrete and stone very well.


Wi-Fi power is carefully regulated in the U.S. as well as most parts of the world.  The Orbi is likely to be radiate the same amount of power as any modern Wi-Fi router.  AFAIK, no study has shown any harm from Wi-Fi.  That doesn't prove that Wi-Fi is safe; only that the jury is out.

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