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Orbi ac3000-connected but nothing


Orbi ac3000-connected but nothing

so we just moved to about 4 acres. my only choice for internet is Hughes net satellite internet. I have a barn about 50 yards from the house that i desperately need internet to. I connected my new orbi, got the lovely blue led ring and boom i was connected, super easy. However when im connected to that network i have next to nothing in regards to speed. as my daughter would say....i cant even send a snap chat....when connected directly to hughes everything is fine when im at the house.....i even tried to moving the orbi satellite to about 25 yards from router and after getting blue led, i can still do next to nothing. any suggestions?? what am i doing wrong? do i need 2 satellites? Thanks, Shane
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Re: Orbi ac3000-connected but nothing

The satellite is too far away. Orbi is not the right solution for this.  You need a wireless point-to-point bridge.

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