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Re: Orbi dropping internet connection


Orbi dropping internet connection

I have a RBK50 that i use with ATT fiber. From the ATT modem I have the orbi and A cisco router. I have 2 different networks. The cisco router works properly and I never have any issue losing the internet. This is used for work only THe orbi runs the rest of house. I have started seeing it dropping the internet every so often. I will be clicking a link on another site and every thing just frezes. By the time i get logged onto the orbi to look I see that the intermet is offline. Usually about this time it just start working again. 


I have a ring wireless doorbell that has a led that shows blinking when this happens. It is never longer than a few minutes. 


The system seems to work pretty well when it  is up. I am just wondering as I have had nthis over a year now so i am pretty sure it is out of warrenty. I am wonderng the best option to correct this. Just replace the main orbi or the whole system. I am happy now with the wired backhaul. But i see a lot of post about dropping internet. 


Is it woth fixing this system opr start looking at eero or linksys.



Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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Re: Orbi dropping internet connection

I would try to enable beamforming and mumimo on the unit see if that helps also try to adjust the wireless channels. Make sure you have the latest firmware on Orbi.



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Re: Orbi dropping internet connection

Not sure how any of this would help. It is the orbi dropping the internet connection. 

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