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Re: Orbi in AP mode with wired backhaul to two sats - Questions


Orbi in AP mode with wired backhaul to two sats - Questions



Just got an Orbi RBK50 with an extra sat.  (running v2.1.1.16)

Im trying to set the router up in AP mode, with wired backhaul to both sats.


So router to switch, sats to switch (flat network no vlans).


When I convert the router to AP mode and keep its cable connection plugged into the "Internet" port, it does not see the sats.  When I move the Router cable to the other ethernet ports, it see's the Sats but the router stays magenta thinking it does not have an internet connection.


Is this the right approach?

Another question, it seems Ive had an incident with a broadcast storm crippling my whole home network when I use two sats.  I literally have to shut them and my switch down and turn it all back up for my network to stabilize.  Anyone else see similar issues?


One more question... would it be more efficient if I were to have the router in AP mode, the two sats plug into the ethernet ports off the router and the routers internet port plugged into my switch instead of my current approach of router to switch and stats to switch?  Im thinking here about overhead with backhaul... do the sats drop traffic directly on the switch or must it backhaul to the router even in AP mode?


Appreciate the input / help.




Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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Re: Orbi in AP mode with wired backhaul to two sats - Questions

Have you tried to enable daisy chaining in orbi when running the setup with the switch?



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