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Orbi mesh, adding a satellite via ethernet


Orbi mesh, adding a satellite via ethernet

Hoping someone here can help me, I've been running an Orbi mesh wifi for 2 years now (RBR50v2) with one satellite, I'm trying to add an additional one in my barn using ethernet cable, approximately 150' away. Bought another router (RBR50) on FB Marketplace but having trouble getting the main router to recognize it as either a satellite or as a second network. Can someone please explain the set up in layman's terms?


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Re: Orbi mesh, adding a satellite via ethernet

The RBR can't be used as a satellite (officially).

you have 2 options. 

1. when you connect it in the barn, run it in access point mode. 

2. do a little googling on "convert rbr to rbs". you won't find it on the official forums but there is/was a way to convert them. But there's a chance you brick your device

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