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Orbi rbk50 with NETGEAR DM200-100EUS not connecting to BT Internet


Orbi rbk50 with NETGEAR DM200-100EUS not connecting to BT Internet

Trying to get some understanding as to what settings I should be using for these devices.
I've tried auto setup mode, which seems to show that it's connected to internet but when i try going to a site, it just comes up with DSN error and goes back to router page.

(All lights on modem are green) meaning internet is getting that far.

I've also messed around with PPPoE router setting in advance tab?
adding username name.name@btinternet.com / adding password as bt.

This then shows internet as disconnected, Currently my router is in router mode, not AP.
Not really understanding this awhole lot.

I've also manually installed latest firmwear which seems to have installed correctly.
Any help with how to get The orbi connect to Bt Infinity would be great.

I've been both hard wired and wireless, when trying these changes nothing seem to make much difference.


Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Orbi rbk50 with NETGEAR DM200-100EUS not connecting to BT Internet

I use my Orbi connected via the DM200 and it works just fine.....I am on PlusNet to essentially the same thing.


I think your issues are just the DM200 is a bit quirky in terms of its setup by virtue of it being able to work as a router and a modem....


I would suggest maybe starting again from scratch and factory reset your DM200.....


1) Connect DM200 to your BT line, run through the auto setup wizard with just a PC attached via ethernet and confirm you can connect to the internet via your PConce you have completed the wizard.


2) Then check and apply any firmware updates 


3) Then from the DM200 menu change the device to modem mode.


4) Disconnect PC and plug Orbi into DM200 and go through Orbi wizard or manually configure your ISP settings in the Orbi.


Afterwards, if you need to, you can plug a PC into the DM200 and change it back to a router if for some reason you want to disconnect the Orbi and check things out just on the DM200. It will be in modem mode so wont have DHCP so you would need to manually configure your IP settings on the computer to be able to access the DM200 menus


(If you do all this first on the DM200 you will get it to logon correctly without the added confusion of two devices then you can simply apply the same settings back on the orbi)

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