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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Orbi reboots


Orbi reboots

Firmware v2.0.0.56

I've had the Orbi for about 4/5 months and it's been solid up till around a week ago and now seems to be rebooting maybe once a day/every 2 days. Devices connected to it are the same, nothing new added to it. There seems to be a later firmware available but people seem to have issue with it, any advice out there that could solve this problem

Model: RBK40| Orbi AC2200 WiFi System
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Re: Orbi reboots

Hello fargoboyle75


We did release a offical 2.1 firmware today with some CPU fixes which may help you. Also do you have alot of google/android devices in your home if so there is a know issue with these devices crashing the network which we are working on getting a fix for this and so is google.



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