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Orbi satellite connections/Orbi app


Orbi satellite connections/Orbi app

I was wondering if there is an Orbi app coming out. I have the netgear Genie app but i cannot see if any device connects to the satellite instead of the router. I have gotten improved performance over my Asus router from Orbi, but not as great as advertised. 

I looked at the network map and cannot see that any device connect to the satellite, even when I'm sitting right next to it. This is the genie app network map, is there a better app coming out or is there a good way to see if the satellite is working as intended? Again I'm not entirely convinced that devices are utilizing the satelite. 

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Re: Orbi satellite connections/Orbi app



if you look at the web site there is a hint of some type of phone based app  by the picture its showing , but at this stage nothing else so you would have to assume its something slated for a future release



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Re: Orbi satellite connections/Orbi app

I am having the same problem- I still can't see the satellite in my network map yet it has a solid blue light making me think it's connected.
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Re: Orbi satellite connections/Orbi app

Nieither the Netgear Genie nor Netgear Orbi aps show what is attached to a satallite.  You can log into each satellite to see what is attached.  Also try this:


Log into Orbi and and click on Attached Devices

Click on any device name to open Edit Device page

Click in device name box

Press the <enter> key on your computer


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