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Orbi vs. Powerline connection?


Orbi vs. Powerline connection?

Hi there,


Just curious as to which solution may make the most sense for me. Overall, I'm not looking to extend my wi-fi coverage so much as improve the throughput in certain applications. In particular, I often experience wi-fi connectivity dropouts, buffering, etc. when engaging in high resolution music streaming (24-bit, 192 kHz type stuff). Note that I also have (too) many wi-fi connected devices in my home. 23 at last count, and I live solo. 🙂


To address this, my plan was to use a series of your Powerline 1200 (PLP1200) adapters, and connect them at the power outlets throughout the house where the core music streaming devices need to plug in anyway, which then allows me to use a wired Ethernet connection from each device to the Powerline 1200, and potentially free up some wi-fi bandwidth. I expect that will significantly improve performance all around. However, with the technology you have built into the tri-band / dedicated beamforming connection of the Orbi system, how close could the performance of the throughput theoretically get to the Powerline connection (assume that an Orbi satellite could be strategically placed within 10-20 feet of the streaming devices, same floor, line of sight, or no more than one wall)? I assume the Powerline will still be stronger, but if it's somewhat close and could still do the job, I do like the idea of just one Orbi satellite centrally located that could potentially handle both the performance increase needed to adequately stream high resolution music, plus improved and extended overall wi-fi performance without the need to tie up a bunch of power outlets and attempting to hide the Ethernet wiring to the streamers. I have an older home, plaster walls and all, and dedicated Ethernet wiring throughout would be more of an undertaking than I'm willing to tackle right now, so I've been searching for the right wi-fi and/or powerline solution.

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Re: Orbi vs. Powerline connection?

Also, two other questions I forgot to ask:


With the smart connections, and the Orbi system determining the best of the three available bands to connect a given device to, will networked devices all be visible to one another even if they are on different bands? I assume they should since there is just one single SSID that they are connected to. I just want to verify that if, say, I have a music streamer that's connected to the satellite's 5GHz channel, and wireless speakers connected to the satellite's 2.4GHz channel, and a controller app on a mobile device connected to the router's 5GHz channel, they will all see each other and have interoperability, so long as they're all on the same SSID, correct?  I had some issues with this when Verizon first updated my FiOS router and extender, which had separate SSIDs show up (one with "-5G" tacked on the end), and it caused some connectivity issues until I went in and changed it.


Finally, can the Orbi system handle legacy devices that may only support WEP encryption, while keeping the others at a WPA2 standard, or do you have to select just one security method across all connections in the system?



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Re: Orbi vs. Powerline connection?

Depending on your electrical wiring there might not be suitable power points in place to put Powerline adapters to connect your devices. Those certainly are an option and with the right wiring configuration work very well. The only way to know if it will work is to try it.


Orbi is designed to provide optimal wifi performance using a dedicated band for a high performance connection between the router and the satellite. It provides excellent performance. Just place the router and satellite in good positions (we have suggestions in our KB) and go through a quick configuration process.


I would go with the Orbi.

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Re: Orbi vs. Powerline connection?

Thank you. Since I have the Powerline already, I will give that a shot and see whether my wiring supports it.


And what about my second set of questions, regarding any Orbi smart connection visibility conflicts, and the security encryption supported?



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