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Orbi wireless vs. wired internet speeds


Orbi wireless vs. wired internet speeds

Where I live 50 mbps is the fastest residential service available, although I have clocked speeds from 60 70 mbs at times, I am told eventually that 100-200 mbps will be available. I currently have multiple devices hard wired to a master switch which can give me speeds up to 30 mbps. Wireless speeds are around 20 mbps where I can get signal. What types of speed can I expect from using this triband Orbi system?

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Re: Orbi wireless vs. wired internet speeds

Hello msgtilley


AC3000 (1733 + 866 + 400Mbps)†



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Re: Orbi wireless vs. wired internet speeds

hi msgtilley


just for info i have 100/40Mbps fiber here and after installing the orbi router and one sat i can get that 100/40Mbps speed test anywhere in my house even using my pretty crap sony xpedia m4 mobile phone when connected to the 5 gig


my house is about 30 meters ( 100 foot )  long and 15 meters  ( 50 foot  ) wide single story with plaster board internal walls and brick vaneer outside walls


tested with orbi sat at back of house in the study and orbi sat in the midle of the house


cant tell you if it will do well past 100mbps as i have no way of testing it but i would say 200Mbps would also be no issue



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