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OrbiOS - Total Mess


OrbiOS - Total Mess is an unbelievably bad firmware upgrade!! The router restarts every 2-3 minutes (observed in http://orbilogin.com/RST_statistic.htm). All wireless devices disconnects after a few seconds (often they do not reconnect unless you toggle wifi off/on). Router CPU load high 55-80% (seen in

Have tried factory reset two times (paper clip and via webinterfce). Let it sit for a couple hours. Tried wired backhaul and wireless. Total crap!!

Everything setting default.


The last release was the most stable for me ever. More than 30 days uptime since the beta around April 25th. Only some problems with Android 8 devices.

Have a mixture of Apple (ios and macos) and Android devices and some wired linux devices.


Now I have had it. Need to buy something else. (Have paid a lot of money for this in Sweden - Very very annoying)

Have had the Orbi since april 2017 and it has never been 100%, but I have patiently been waiting for the engineers to improve and stabilize. My whole family is furious on me for not sending it back (but the hardware must be OK if it works pretty OK with some firmware versions??)

Now I give up. I simply do not believe Netgear will ever fix it. The story posted here with "locking Netgear engineers in a room until it got fixed" sounded promising but.. 

The ORBI RBK50 have been out on the market for over 1.5 years by now still no basic stability. Incredibly bad Smiley Sad

Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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Re: OrbiOS - Total Mess

Having the same issue with my router... I've had issues with my system since day one. First the syncing with my satelite never seems to work as it was suppose to, so I sent it back. Just got a new one in return, and same story. So I guess it is the router that is crap... 


I "solved" it by downgrading to My satelite is still not syncing though...

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Re: OrbiOS - Total Mess

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