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Re: Poor experience with Orbi router


Poor experience with Orbi router

After spending hundreds of dollars on my router and two satelites, over $400, I am very disppointed. Initially, I was drawn to the Amazon review and a few online review, claiming how fast the connection was compared to other routers. However, what was not tested was the stability of these routers, which is horrible. When the my router works its great but when it does not, its a real pain and it does not work often enough. The recent updated changed the settings of my router, which then caused my router to drop connection constantly because "Daisy chaining" was turned on. Before that, I had to bring my satelites closer to the router in order for them to work, totally changing my setup. These routers have a lot of "advanced" settings and features but if you enable them, the stability decreases. These types of issues can be captured during basic testing yet instead, they are poorly tested, probably poorly developed yet pushed onto its customers long after their free support has expired.


I want to like you Netgear but if don't get your act together, this type of poor quality in both product and service will eventually spark a class-action lawsuit.

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Re: Poor experience with Orbi router

Hello Marcosoul


I have sent you a PM



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Re: Poor experience with Orbi router

What? Why don’t the rest of us who are having the same issues get any help? Why is Netgear ignoring the vast majority of customers who paid $400 for the kit and now have a system that isn’t fit for purpose? This is unacceptable. Everyone who is having these issues should be writing negative Amazon reviews to alert other potential buyers to expect this.
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Re: Poor experience with Orbi router

I agree. I'd love to keep the Orbi set I paid £320 for last week, but feel that I have no option but to return the kit to Amazon for a refund owing to the less than ideal approach taken by Netgear support on this forum. If there is a solution to the problems that users take the trouble to document in a publiv forum, why not share these with other customers in order to save more negative comments here and elsewhere? It's a baffling approach to customer service... 

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Re: Poor experience with Orbi router

If you are having issues send me a PM with your name, email, and phone number with a short summary of the issues you are experiencing and I will have support contact you.



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Re: Poor experience with Orbi router

I am also having issues.  Just exchanged my base unit and got a replacement.  The replacement was working for several days and I was happy until today when the replacement unit was dropping the WAN connection just like the unit I had replaced.

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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