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Dear NetGear Community:

Happy Holidays!  Long story short, I have a custom security system in my house that is hard wired to my Orbi Mesh System RBR40.  Using CanYouSeeMe.org, for some strange reason, the Orbi system is blocking the ports to my cameras.  Every other devise I have connects without any issue.  I can see how the cameras are connected but again, I am having trouble opening the port(s) on the Orbi system.




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Re: Porting

It is not a strange reason at all.  Residential router are set up to reject any connection attempt from the internet unless the user has specifically told the router to accept it.  There is an option in the Orbi web browser interface (http://orgilogin.net ) on the Advanced Tab, Advanced Settings (bottom menu item), Port Forwarding.  The important question is:

  • Is this one security system (such as a Network Video Recorder - NVR), or
  • Are there separate cameras with individual IP addresses

A centralized system is easy: forward the port that the user manual says to the IP address of the NVR.

Individual camera is MUCH more complicated.  Port forwarding means "accept a connection on port x and send it directly to port y on IP this."  Suppose the camera has a web server that accepts connections on port 80 (http).  If you forward port 80 to port 80 on camera 1, how do you reach camera 2?  Answer: forward port 81 to port 80 on camera 2.  Then, forward port 82 to port 80 on camera 3. etc. etc.  How do you keep this all straight? Good Luck.


Most customers have a dynamic public IP from their Internet Service Provider (ISP).  It may remain the same for months and months, and then one day it might change.  The way customers deal with this is to sign up for a Dynamic DNS service so that they can use a "name" rather than an actual public IP address.


.... Sorry to rant.  Is this what you were asking about?

I love my Orbi.
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