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Re: ProtonVPN on Orbi RBR50 with Voxel Firmware?


ProtonVPN on Orbi RBR50 with Voxel Firmware?


I recently updated my Orbi RBR50 to the latest custom Voxel firmware. I am now trying to run a VPN in the router for the entire network. I read Voxels instructions but I am too much of a noob to do it right.

Is it taking a USB, formatting it to EXT4, putting the OpenVPN profile in a folder (the one recommended by Voxel) and pasting the OpenVPN config file in there?

Or is it something else?

If anyone has done this with ProtonVPN, is there anything else I should add to the config file ?

Thanks for your help and appreciate other suggestions if there’s a better way.

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Re: ProtonVPN on Orbi RBR50 with Voxel Firmware?

You'll have to post on the voxel forum. 

The official forums only support stock firmware (which doesn't support proton)

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