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Puerto Rico subcriptions


Puerto Rico subcriptions

I live in a mountainous region of Puerto Rico.  We have no line power.  I have solar panels and battery storage with inverters for AC.


The cellular phone system signal is weak and spotty.


Does the Orbi system work under these situations and in this place?  We are about 30 miles eastsoutheast of San Juan.


Do I have to pay some server for the connection?  If so, who and how do I contact.


I see Orbi units for sale in Costco for about $400.  No obvious answers to the above questions.  This is my first attempt to get information.  I will be able to access email when I have time to drive about 20 miles to find a signal.

Model: RBK30| Orbi AC2200 WiFi System
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Re: Puerto Rico subcriptions

No orbi does not require a subscription or constant server connection to be used. Disney circle that is a built in parental control in the system requires a subscription if you want there advance parental control features but they have a basic free plan as well.



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