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Question - Monitoring Orbi Satellites uptime from Home Assistant?


Question - Monitoring Orbi Satellites uptime from Home Assistant?

As title suggests, I have Home Assistant (HA) running with the Netgear integration for my RBR50 and two RBS50 Orbi Mesh network, this generally is working fine. I (and no-doubt others) occasionally have either one or both of the ORBI Satellites loose or otherwise stop communicating with the RBR router - for what ever reason.

The Orbi app or web interface to RBR will confirm and show this but unless one looks there appears no other way to know of this condition ie no active alert from Orbi at all. I've pointed this out to Netgear support but have low expectations of a solution there. Accordingly I would like to try have HA monitor RBS Satellite/s and alert when a problem is detected. I can already do this fine with devices connected (Wi-Fi and cable) to the Orbi mesh - but have not found useful monitoring info from the RBR or RBS devices themselves.

My question has anybody found a reliable way to detect RBR status / uptime monitoring on LAN from the ORBI systems directly please? (No-doubt it may be possible for say HA to ping the Satellites & report and action results,, which ill revert to if no other solutions found. Feedback appreciated.


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Re: Question - Monitoring Orbi Satellites uptime from Home Assistant?

Both the Orbi router and satellites support an http interface which responds to queries with various information.  This is how the Orbi 'app' get the information that it displays about the system. (I believe it is based on json.  See:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSON )


The json interface has been used programmatically for several purposes.  This forum topic explains one such use:



Caveat: I have no experience with or understanding of Home Assistant. As far as I am aware, Netgear products have no capability specific to Home Assistant.


Both the Orbi router and Orbi satellites respond to ICMP ('ping'). I would guess that any satellite that "loses connection" to the router would no longer respond to ping requests.  Probably the place to start.


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