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Questions about Orbi Voice before deciding to buy


Questions about Orbi Voice before deciding to buy

Hello, i was originally planning to buy the Google Nest Wifi but that wasnt available to buy yet in sweden it seems so this seemed like a good option. Just had a couple questions about it before purchasing:
Will it be able to use Google Home and Google Assistant instead of Alexa and be able to control chromecast and such? And if not what is the best option that is able to use Google assistant?

Is it able to play music from Youtube?

Is it just the actual router that is a smart speaker or is it the nodes/points?

How many different nodes/points can you have, and how far does The router and nodes/points reach?

How close to The router does the nodes/points have to be?

What is the average mbps?

Can you prioritize/allocate wifi speeds to certain devices?

Thankful for all answer 🙂
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Re: Questions about Orbi Voice before deciding to buy

Some answers:
- You can't replace Alexa with Google assistant.
- It is not possible playing YouTube on OV nor cast to Chromecast.
- The speaker is a node in orbi mesh.
- You cannot prioritize wifi speeds (but you can do some restrictions via Disney Circle)

Alexa at OV is only partially implemented (no speakers groups, no 'drop in' nor announcement etc.) . So if you consider such an option you should investigate if it would match your needs.
Besides it seems that Netgear is neglecting product development and doesn't care about users comments.
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