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Re: RB50 router v satalite


RB50 router v satalite

I have RB50 router & 2x satellites. The system works fine but I need to add another ‘satellite’ in a garden room. I purchased a new box thinking it was a satellite but bought a router instead.
Can I use the router as a satellite and connect to my existing satellite?
How would I do this? Tried adding satellite using app but will not let me do it.
Any advice please?
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Re: RB50 router v satalite

RBRs can only work as main routers or in wired AP mode. Can't be used as a satellite. 

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Re: RB50 router v satalite

@Devinefamily4 wrote:
Can I use the router as a satellite and connect to my existing satellite?

Netgear's decision to not allow RBR products (routers) to function as RBS products (satellites) has frustrated customers since the beginning.  The actual hardware for the "50" product is identical.  Other manufacturers chose to make their products interchangeable, but Netgear did  not.  In the case of this specific model (RBR50), some very clever person found a "hack" which transforms the router into a satellite.  Internet search will turn up links to the process. I, myself, have never tried it.  Netgear doesn't offer any support.  It would certainly void the warranty, but there's no warranty on used equipment anyway.


So, @FURRYe38 is correct.  Unless you want to go "down the rabbit hole", you're stuck.  You can run an Ethernet cable to the garden room and deploy this unit in Access Point mode.  It will remain a separate WiFi network, so devices will not "roam" seamlessly between the main system and that unit.



I love my Orbi.
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Re: RB50 router v satalite

Thank you for the explanation & info.
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