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Re: RBR losing configuration on power off


RBR losing configuration on power off

Using current firmware:


My RBR20 loses its configuration whenever it loses power. I have tried factory resetting and re-loading the firmware. It also does not load a backup configuration or possibly does not store (create) it correctly, not sure how to check this. 


Does anyone have any further suggestions? Could possibly be a hardware problem I can imagine. 



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Re: RBR losing configuration on power off

Router configuration is (supposed to be) stored in non-volatile memory and when power is applied, the router should boot up to the saved configuration (as every other electronic device does).  If it doesn't, something is very wrong indeed.


Testing the Save/Restore Configuration process is fairly simple:

  • Save the configuration as described on page 107 of the User Manual:
  • Make some trivial configuration change that  isn't going to have serious consequences, such as Changing the Guest WiFi SSID or changing Guest WiFi status (from enabled to not enabled - or the opposite)
  • Verify that the change took place.  Has the previous Guest WiFi SSID disappeared and the new one shows up on a cell phone network settings choices?
  • Restore the previous configuration as described on page 108.
    The router will reboot.
  • After the router reboots, did that change "go away"?
    If so, then the saved configuration was restored correctly.


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Re: RBR losing configuration on power off

It seems that either the hardware is damaged some how or the firmware doesn't store config correctly. Seeing that no-one else seems to have the issue on this fw version I have decided to replace my orbI with an Asus system.

It is a pity NETGEAR doesn't provide better support on such expensive systems.
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