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RBR20 ehternet


RBR20 ehternet

I have the RBR20 router with 2 satellites. Firmware V2.3.5.30

My setup is like this:


Modem --> DD-WRT Router --> RBR20 in AP mode.


Now I would like to add 1 satellite using wifi and 1 satellite using ethernet. Is this possible?


The wireless is ready to go but the ethernet connected one gets a IP adres from my DD-WRT Router and I can access it via browser but the status shows that is has no internet connection and no connection with the router.


When I look at the latest option on the kb article https://kb.netgear.com/000051205/What-is-Ethernet-backhaul-and-how-do-I-set-it-up-on-my-Orbi-WiFi-Sy... it should be possible to connect the base and the satellites to the same LAN. 


How can I setup so that this works.

Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: RBR20 ehternet

Here's how I had to do it with mine to get everything showing properly. 

modem-----router----(connect to wan port)---Orbi router-------lan connection------rest of satellites. 


If you run the other satellites off the lan of the primary router and not the orbi router, it still worked for me but seemed to have issues with access control/attached devices. 

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