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RBR40 Will it work with DOCSIS 3.1


RBR40 Will it work with DOCSIS 3.1

I have the ORBI RBR40 wifi extender router and 2 satelittes. I also have Cox Cable Gigablast and want to upgrade the Cox modem to the netgear c7800 which will work with gigablast because it supports DOCSIS 3.1

My question is will the RBR40 throttle down the gigablast or will it work with DOCSIS 3.1?

Model: RBK40| Orbi AC2200 WiFi System
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Re: RBR40 Will it work with DOCSIS 3.1

It should see near 900Mb on a wired LAN cable connection with a PC. Factory reset the Orbi router and set up from scratch with the modem. Don't enable QoS, Traffic Meter or Access Controls on the Orbi router. Disable IPv6 if your ISP doesn't support it natively. 


DOCSIS is a protocol of the modem and between the modem and ISP service, not a router. 

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