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RBR50 Blocking Swann Security App


RBR50 Blocking Swann Security App

I have an Orbi RBR50 Router with two wireless satellites. I have a Swann Security NVR16-8580 Security Video Recorder connected directly to the RBR50 Router with an ethernet cable. I can access the the security cameras remotely with Swann's PC based software called Homesafe View. I am trying to connect to the NVR with an App called Swann Security. After multiple support sessions with Swann, they advised me that my Router is blocking (they said restricting) the Swann Security App from Accessing the NVR. I cannot find anyplace in the router administration where it could be blocking it. Has anyone ever had a problem with the RBR50 blocking the Swann Security App, and how did you resolve it?


Thank you for any help.


Hardware Version RBR50

Firmware Version V2.7.3.22

GUI Language Version V1.0.0.375

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: RBR50 Blocking Swann Security App

The default condition for consumer WiFi routers is to block everything.  Nothing out on the internet is allowed to connect to the WiFi router or to any device 'behind' the router (such as an NVR).  Most Internet of Things (IoT) devices get around this restriction by having the device open a connection from behind the router to the vendor's "cloud" where smartphone apps can discover them.


When devices cannot (or are not programmed to) do this, the owner of the router can Forward Ports through the WiFi router to specific devices on the LAN (Local Area Network).  This feature is found on the Orbi web interface, Advanced Tab, Advanced Settings (bottom item), Port Forwarding.


Swann has an article describing how to determine which ports need to be forwarded to enable specific functions/products:



Might have been more helpful of Swann customer support to mention this.

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